Your hugs make me happy!

Thank you to all these lovely people who have said some really nice things about me.

“Katharine is a really talented designer who we loved having as a part of Huddle. She filled in our Senior Designer’s shoes while she was on Maternity Leave, and did an awesome job. I was impressed with how quickly she came up to speed with our style and also by her willingness and enthusiasm to learn and apply herself in new situations. Kath was a really great member of the team, and I’m sorry that we were not able to keep a position open for her at the end of the contract. I’m happy to recommend Kath as a capable, friendly, enthusiastic designer.”

Cameron Incoll
Managing Director at Huddle & Co-Founder at FromHereOn
May 13, 2014, Cameron managed Katharine indirectly at Huddle

“Katharine worked as a graphic designer with us at Huddle for twelve months. During that time, we saw Katharine’s great ability to make sense of complicated information and present it in a form which was approachable and understandable by our clients. She is a deeply committed team member and strives to do her best work at every opportunity, including under high pressure situations. I would happily recommend Katharine to any future employer.”

Melis Senova
Founder and Director at Huddle, Co-Founder and Director at FromHereOn
April 26, 2014, Melis managed Katharine at Huddle

“Kath is an excellent graphic designer who has the ability to turn basic concepts into wonderful and engaging artifacts. She thrives when she works as part of a team and actively participates in discussions and decisions to ensure the best outcome for the end-user. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Cat Dos Santos
Service Designer at Huddle, Founder at Yippee Kit
April 6, 2014, Cat worked directly with Katharine at Huddle


“Katharine is a very gifted designer who approaches design with sensitivity, integrity, and awareness.
From conceptualisation through to the finished product Katharine attends to every detail with conviction seeing the design holistically and with a true understanding of the communication intent and design purpose.
She’s attentive, thorough, calm and always willing to help – executing amazing work within short lead times. And doing so with a supportive, positive attitude.
Katharine is a very beautiful person – personable, team focused, caring and creative. Missing her bright presence at the studio!”

Annette Clarke
Personal Assistant & Wellbeing Manager at Huddle
April 2, 2014, Annette worked directly with Katharine at Huddle

“I had the good fortune of working with Katharine at Huddle for a year. Katharine is a formidable designer with a rare capacity to combine an awareness and leadership in process and delivery with a remarkable and delicate artistic flair.
Her sensitivity to detail, combined with her inquisitiveness and ability to translate extremely complex and nuanced concepts into compelling and intuitive data visualisation, layouts, and whole documents that have elevated the (already incredibly high) quality of work at Huddle will sorely be missed.
As will she. Because she’s awesome.”

Matt Buckley
Human-Centred Design Lead
March 30, 2014, Matt worked directly with Katharine at Huddle

“Katharine is punctual, courteous and friendly, a self starter, always keen to take on more work and responsibility. She is a talented creative, who came to us to work as an artworker to specialise her skills, but ended up working on all manner of projects, from leading on creative, concepts and layout, to artworking and supervising large, complex and demanding projects. She has become the backbone of the team, liaising between designers, project managers and print and production, chasing down issues and solving problems. In my absence she took over managing the artwork team, which she handled admirably, training staff, dealing with briefs and project issues and managing freelancers.
At Macmillan, Katharine has attended management, leadership and recruitment courses and shown great desire to build and inspire the team. She started successful regular design sharing and criticism sessions and will always speak up in brainstorms and review sessions with excellent sensitive feedback and direction. Katharine will be an asset to any studio, either as a designer or artworker. She will be missed very badly by everyone here, especially me, and as she embarks on a new chapter in her life we wish her every success and would welcome her back with open arms.”

James Reekie
Senior Designer at Macmillan Cancer Support
December 06, 2012, James managed Katharine at Macmillan Cancer Support


“Katharine is a very skilled designer who is excellent at meeting tight deadlines. I was always able to give her a job with a tight turn-around & she’d never let me down. Kath was an integral part of the design team & had large input into group discussions, always offering a valid opinion on the subjects in question.
I had a great time working with Kath & built up a good friendship. I wouldn’t hesitate to employ Kath again in the future if the opportunity arose.”

Gareth Barker
Designer & Illustrator. Trainee Teacher
August 23, 2012, Gareth managed Katharine at RDP Creative



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